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Monday, July 25, 2011

GS-Sound at Eco Park & X Factor

This Video was taken at an Eco Park. This particular Swiftlet farm is using the specially mixed Gs external sound. Before this the owner Mr .W was having hard time to attract birds to play and enter his Bh.

Given the situation of having so many Bhs there and with many Bhs blasting their sounds to attract birds, the competition is stiff. Everyone wants to win. No one wants to be a looser.

Mr.W had called me, he requested a good external sound for his Bh . He wants his Bh to stand out among all the Bhs there.

It is not an easy job. I told him if you want your Bh to stand out among all the Bhs at that Eco park your Bh needs to have something that other Bhs don’t have. “Uniqueness” I told him. Let me remix an External sound for you that would take few days if you could wait. Mr. W agreed

Often most sounds that are played from Bhs are purchased from the mass market, be it from the Web or shops they are copied from one CD or Pendrive to another. It’s common to find few Bhs in a same location using the same sound because the sounds they use are from the same source. Therefore there is no uniqueness in those sounds thus making it hard to attract birds.

What is the best sound, James? This is the question I always get and my reply is “Good tuned, none distortion, perfect frequency setting and most important no one has it except you”.

Have you ever wonder why must the birds choose your Bh instead of others? What so special about your Bh? Your Bh has all the Planks, sound, Humidifiers and so on, so does the Bh next to yours…think…

When your Bh has the uniqueness which some called it the X factor then it could attract many birds to stay and make nests. The X factor that many Sifus couldn’t explain, for me I call it uniqueness. Everything could be explained it is a matter whether one could understand or otherwise. Simple, it is just like reading a book or watching a movie. If you understand what you have read then you could explain what the whole book is all about. If you can’t that means you don’t understand what you have read and to avoid embarrassment you call it X factor.

Many Sifus had hijacked the X factor, anything they don’t know, they don’t understand or they don’t know why it happens they call it X factor. This confused many Swiftlet farmers.

So actually you could create the X factor provided you know and understand what it needs to create uniqueness.

One of them is having a Good sound that no one has.

Good Swiftlet farming All

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